Peyton Floral Midi Dress



Elevate your style with the Peyton Floral Midi Dress. Embrace effortless elegance with its flowing silhouette and intricate floral patterns. Perfect for any occasion, whether it's a beachside stroll or a summer soirée.

Material: * 100% Polyester

MEASUREMENTS: Product Length "50-51.5"in 

* 4-6-Small | Waist: 25"-26.5"in | Chest: 33"-34.5"in | Hips: 35"-36.5"in

* 8-10-Medium | Waist: 26.5"-28"in | Chest: 34.5"-36"in | Hips: 36.5"-38"in

* 12-14-Large | Waist: 28"-29.5"in | Chest: 36"-37.5"in | Hips: 38"-39.5"in